MBA "Business Law"

According to Laurence Peter`s principle, in any hierarchy every person sooner or later gets one`s incompetence level, and our world in general is the arena of militant incompetence. In his opinion, after a number of career successes the person inevitably gets a level at which the complexity of new responsibilities overcomes one`s personal power, resulting in a decrease to zero of potential future progress in the social sphere. Previously successful person appears to be on the stage of career finishing with zero career prospects. In order to avoid this, Peter from the standpoint of negative thinking, advises everybody to stop in one`s growth without reaching incompetence threshold or act more delicate, in a way to avoid career growth. 

All abovementioned is closely related to legal file. Law firms, successful in a professional environment yesterday, today are forgotten, and mentioned only from one`s priority competence and position. It`s convenient for us to evaluate our colleagues` mistakes. However, it does not answer the question of: how to develop one`s own career of legal manager in a large manufacturing or holding structure? Or how to build relationships with colleagues in the newly created bar association? Or how to manage law firm in a way to preserve the achieved and continue development in a highly competitive environment, moreover to avoid loss of yesterday`s efficiency and manageability of associates mobile team, which today are gradually beginning to break the diverse and often ineffective tasks?

Positive thinking and willingness to continuous development suggest that those professionals who through conscious and intelligently organized efforts are increasingly developing their competence, overcome the threat of professional and ideological constraints in a better way. Program "Business Law" aims to assist law experts, created on the base of "KROK" University Business School. From the available presentations one can notice that most of the subjects are aimed at forming a modern audience managerial competence in the legal business sphere. It is about knowledge in economics and finance, management and marketing, business psychology areas.

Legal disciplines have promising and problematic content and, therefore where possible, will be taught by best practitioners in the mode of dialogue with the audience. Nonetheless, the program meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and its successful completion is confirmed by Standard Diploma.
We welcome you to our world of positive thinking and professional competence increasing!

Form of Training:


Part-time (module)

Term of Training:

1.5 years (3 semesters) for masters and specialists from the field of "Economics and Business" and "Management and administration"


2 years (4 semesters) for bachelors, masters and specialists in other areas of training

Education Fee:

27 500 UAH/ Semester

Schedule of Main Classes:

Saturday: 9.00-16.30

Scheduled: three days per month (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

or every Sunday

Start of Admission Campaign:

July 2016

July 2016

Admission Requirements:

  1. Basic or complete Higher Education
  2. Practical work experience more than 2 years