Master`s Program “Innovative Activity Management”

“Innovative Projects Management” Major You can apply for training in 2017. Apply for training


The program mission is training highly qualified management personnel who possess innovative thinking as well as all the necessary knowledge and skills for innovation management implementation.

Program graduates receive Master's Degree Standard Diploma of Second Cycle of Higher Education with acquiring qualification "Master of Innovational Activity Management", "Innovational Projects Management" Major.

Program graduates receive a Master's degree in Government-issued specialty qualification "Professional of innovation".

Program peculiarities: The program aims at professional competence formation in innovational projects management and innovational enterprises development, new product creation and promotion with the use of information technologies of innovational projects management, protection and enforcement of intellectual property attestation and new products certification in accordance with the international standard series ISO-9000. Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Carry out business reorganization;
  • Develop innovative strategies;
  • Develop the concept of innovational projects;
  • Perform actions on planning, execution, control and completion of innovational projects;
  • Provide analysis of patent law and commercial information, search and exploration of strategic partners and investors, market research innovation, promotion and commercialization of new technologies in the domestic and international markets;
  • Provide consulting services in the field of innovational management;
  • Apply information technologies in innovational projects management, provide analysis of patent law and commercial information, search and explore strategic partners and investors, perform market research of innovations, promotion and commercialization of new technologies in the domestic and international markets;
  • Organize venture business, after-sales service of new product;
  • Assess the intellectual property value.


Admission Requirements:

  1. Basic or complete Higher Education (bachelor, specialist, master) for any field of study
  2. Competitive selection

Correspondence (distance) form of training involves the use of computer and telecommunications technologies that provide teachers interact with students at different stages of learning and independent handling of information network. 

Advantages of Distance Learning: 

  • free training schedule; 
  • independent of location; 
  • independent determination of the rate of learning; 
  • Save time and money on the road to college.

The projects in the following spheres are considered:

  • building and development projects;
  • informational systems and technologies development and implementation;
  • projects of program systems development, including banking sphere;
  • commercial and enterprise projects;
  • Event and PR projects;
  • social, environmental and media projects;
  • etc.

Program peculiarities:

  • educational process is provided by professional lecturers practitioners who have extensive experience in the development and implementation of project management methodology in Ukrainian enterprises, an international professional certification, advanced knowledge and trainers skills  in project management;
  • modern teaching methods application during the learning process: solving real practical situations, working in teams in order to face the challenges and making decisions on project management, applying business games to develop projects, programs and projects portfolios;
  • tasks performance at the real existing enterprises in Ukraine and participation in international projects, Master's theses preparation for specific businesses;
  • teaching is conducted with application of modern technologies, multi-media presentations in specialized classrooms based on international professional standards (PMI and IPMA), providing students electronic textbooks, presentations, teaching and handouts, teaching aids;
  • application of project office technologies, modern information technologies using project management software systems based on "Alt-Invest", "Project expert", "WBS ChartPro", "Microsoft Project", "Primavera Project Planner";
  • participation in international conferences on project management, materials provision, collections of scientific works "Project Management and Production Development ";
  • Training and assistance in passing the certification exam (IPMA) with international professional certification in project management issue.

List of main content modules of the program:

  • project team building, organizational project structures developing, dynamic leadership in program, projects and programs portfolio managing;
  • strategic, financial, innovational supervising in project management;
  • project activities planning, marketing and investment research, project proposals developing;
  • planning and implementing of project management processes (integration management, content, time, cost, human resources, quality, risk, etc.)
  • project-oriented companies managing, projects management developing;
  • IT in project management;
  • project management applying for the development of enterprises in the fields of information technology, construction, marketing, trade, banking, telecommunications, mobile communications, and others.