Second Higher Education (Retraining)

Retraining (Second Higher Education) Programs have applied character and aim to prepare specialists in Accounting Management, Audit, Investment Consulting, Finance, Portfolio Management, Financial Analysis, International Economics, Foreign Economic Activity Management and Marketing.

Ability to master modern economic knowledge, financial technologies and best practices of economic and financial policies of leading foreign and domestic companies will be interesting for both economy and finance specialists and middle and senior managers.

  • Theory of Finance (Money and Crediting, Corporate Finance), Economic A...
  • The specialist of the field caries out bookkeeping, financial, tax and...
  • Scope of activity - all fields of international relations, where Inter...
  • Scope of activity - joint ventures, companies with foreign investment,...
  • Economics may be called the art of carrying on business. It teaches yo...
  • Field of study "Marketing" is relatively new for Ukraine, therefore de...

Admission Requirements:

  • Educational background: second cycle of Higher Education (“Specialist”, “Master” Degree)

Required Documents:

  • Degree Certificate with Supplement (original and copy)
  • 6 color photographs (3x4)
  • Identification code
  • Passport (submitted personally)
  • Registration certificate or military record (liable for military service submit personally) 

Graduates of the Retraining Program receive a Standard Diploma of Specialist with acquiring qualification according to the majors: Finance Specialist, Banking Specialist, Enterprise Economics Specialist etc.

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