"Enterprise Economics" Major

Economics may be called the art of carrying on business. It teaches you how to use resources efficiently in order to get maximum profits with minimum expenses. One can say that the students who learn economy actually study the mechanisms of company existence, regardless of its size (small business or large multinational corporation) and ownership form.

Main Objective - Economist calculates production costs, makes cost estimates, predicts economic and financial activities and determines how to make the company's business more efficient

Term of Training: 2,5 years
Form of Training full-time / part-time (module)
Training Fee: 6000 UAH/sem

The graduates of "Enterprise Economics" have quite a wide range of areas for realization, and therefore - great chances to choose the job they like on any enterprise, organization or institution that may exist in the state economic system. The profession of economist is one of the most prestigious. However to become a true professional, one needs to get a substantial theoretical training along with gaining practical experience. "KROK" University facilitates this process for the students.

College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies prepares junior specialists in economics and together with the University form the Corporation of Education and Training Development (KROK in Ukrainian).  College graduates can continue their studies at the third course of “KROK” University.

Students majoring in "Enterprise Economics" gain knowledge of the following disciplines: Accounting and Audit, Business Law, Enterprise Economics, Labor Economics, Economic Analysis, Economic Risk and Its Evaluation, Investing, Economics and Economic Conception History, Information Systems and Technologies in Business, Management, Money and Credit, Foreign Language, Macro- and Microeconomics, Marketing, Mathematics for Economists, Decision-Making Methods, Methods of Business Plans Composition, International Economics, State Economics, Regional Economics, Production Organization, Planning and Controlling within Business Entity, Political Economy, Project Analysis, Statistics, Insurance Activity, Price Setting, Enterprise Strategy, Corporate Finance etc.

Those who after getting basic higher education has aspiration to deepen their knowledge and build career in economic sphere, can continue studies at the Specialist`s Degree and Master`s Degree, where they study Financial Management, Strategic Enterprise Management, Project Management, Human Resources Management, International Management, Economic Diagnostics, Production Potential Management, Economics and of Enterprises Association Activity Organization etc. Students are able to choose a number of disciplines of the Professional Training Cycle, such as Pension System, Business Entities Lending, State Financial Control, Financial Monitoring, Corporate Finance Management, Efficiency Management etc.

Economist calculates production cost, makes cost estimate, predicts company`s economic and financial activities and determines how to make business activity more efficient. The graduate can work as expert or manager of economic departments and services at the enterprises of different ownership forms, public and private financial and credit institutions. The economist can also work as expert consultant at the state office or make researches at the scientific and research institutes and laboratories. Also substantial economic knowledge enables the graduates of "Enterprise Economics" to carry on business or set up an enterprise.

International standards learning, general framework of business activities understanding, foreign language learning opens possibilities for working abroad.

Moreover, University provides internship opportunities for the students. Moreover, every student can address to Career Development Center and get a consultation or advice on the interview with the employer, prepare resume and review available job proposals.

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