"Marketing" Major

Field of study "Marketing" is relatively new for Ukraine, therefore demand for marketing specialists today is still not completely met. Due to the prospects of the profession and the possibility to reveal creativity many young people choose marketing among other Economic courses. The person who wants to become a marketing specialist should be active, creative, able to analyze and make conclusions, observant, interested to the world around and have a positive attitude towards life.

Field of Activities. The functioning of any enterprise starts with proper marketing plan and well developed marketing strategy. The activities of every company begin with research of market, products, services and customers.

Main Objective: on the basis of research marketing specialist determines what kind of product should be, studies its features. Marketing specialist is considering how the product should be delivered from the manufacturer to the consumer at the right time and in the required amount in accordance with the customers` needs.

Term of Training: 2,5 years
Form of Training full-time
Training Fee: 6000 UAH/sem

The labor market is constantly transforming. And marketing to some extent is the driving force of this process, impulse for change and improvement, tool that helps the enterprise to stay always relevant on the market.

Marketing specialist is a leading expert in market economy. One can say that the life of any enterprise starts with marketing. Without knowledge of its principles one cannot initiate and carry on entrepreneurial activities efficiently. Performance of every company starts with market research, customer analysis, examination of the products and services offered, study of the conditions, necessary to ensure the successful implementation of the enterprise activities.

The company should focus on consumer demand in goods and services providing, be aware of the price the consumers are willing to pay for the goods and study the products characteristics, appropriate to the clients. And namely marketing expert on the basis of research determines what product should be, its features, information about this product, which way is the best to bring the product to the audience, and how the product should be delivered from the manufacturer to the consumer at the right time and in the required amount.

However, becoming a professional in marketing field requires a substantial education that would be the basis for successful career building. Marketing students learn disciplines of Humanitarian Cycle (Philosophy, Culture Studies, Ukrainian Language, Foreign Language, Law, Sociology, etc.), in Natural-Scientific and General Economic Cycle (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics for Economists, Economic Informatics, Management, Finance, Money and Credit, International Economics, etc.) and Professional Training Cycle (Commodity Market Infrastructure, Logistics, Marketing Product Policy, Marketing Research, etc). Some part of courses is elective (Institutional Economics, Social Economics, Logistics, Economic and Mathematical Models in Management and Economics, Business Finance, Economic Analysis, Professional Performance on PC, Purchase Marketing, Merchandising, Marketing Audit, Marketing Services, Bank Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Analysis, etc.).

Theoretical training is combined with practical. "KROK" University has its own marketing research laboratory that provides students with the opportunity to participate in scientific activities presenting the results of marketing research at scientific conferences. Moreover, University ensures traineeship possibilities for the students. In addition, every student can address to Career Development Center and get a consultation or advice on the interview with the employer, prepare resume and review available job proposals.

Immediately after graduation young professionals can occupy marketing and economic marketing positions at the planning department, purchasing department or the marketing departments of the enterprises. After gaining some experience, they occupy the positions of marketing analysts, marketing department managers, office heads of the companies.

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