"International Economics" Major

Economic globalization, that has become one of the signs of modern world economic development, puts forward new requirements to the professional training process. It requires professionals who are well knowledgeable in regularities and tendencies of the development of global market environment, are able to analyze and make the best decisions regarding the company activities in this environment, are skilled in business negotiations and master the basics of cross-cultural management. The major "International Economics" is focused on training of exactly this type of specialists. The graduates will fluently navigate in economics and legislation, national psychology peculiarities, social organizations of different countries, global economic space challenges.

Scope of activity - all fields of international relations, where International Economist finds a way out to foreign markets and supports long-term business relations with foreign partners. Main responsibilities - organization, planning, coordination, analysis and control of the implementation of international trade operations, the development of strategies of enterprises entry into foreign markets and their realization. 

Study duration: 2,5 years
Mode of study: Full-time
Tuition Fee: 6000 UAH/semester

Compulsory learning of several foreign languages enables significant widening of international business cooperation possibilities, successful participation in negotiations, and individual intellectual abilities development. In order to put the acquired skills into practice, International Economics students are offered a wide range of professional oriented disciplines, including International Marketing, International Finance, International Economic Activity of Ukraine, International Economic Law, Accounting in Foreign Countries, International Trade, International Investment Activity, International Organizations, Information Systems and Technologies within International Economics etc.

Applicants have the opportunity to undergo training according to a specialized program "KROK-Exclusive", which was developed by leading international specialists of “KROK” University. Starting from the first year of this program, part of the courses within the program is taught in English while German language is obligatory for studying and the third language learning is optional. This program provides the perfect conditions for the professional knowledge and skills formation in the field of international economic relations.

Another program that is implemented within the "International Economics" field of study is a joint Ukraine-Austrian program in export-oriented management. The program allows the students to get education according to the "KROK" University program and master the course of the Austrian University of Applied Sciences IMC, respectively the program offers possibility to receive Ukrainian state diploma together with the diploma of the foreign educational institution.

International economists are involved into organization, planning, coordination, analysis and monitoring of international trade activities, implementation, development and realization of the outlet strategies for external markets, development of foreign trade activities plans, foreign partners search, foreign trade agreements conclusion and agreements with foreign banks running. They have good knowledge of the conflict resolution mechanisms.
International economics specialists will occupy positions as experts at institutions and organizations in economic and foreign economic activity fields. Graduates can fill positions at Ukrainian subdivisions of TNC, banks which cooperate with foreign partners and chambers of commerce. They also needed at joint ventures in foreign departments of Ukrainian companies, in scientific and research institutes and centres that conduct research of global commodity and financial markets, development of integration and globalization processes etc.

Specialists in International Economics are able to work as experts and consultants at the companies that conduct foreign economic activities, scientific staff of scientific and research institutions and laboratories engaged in research and teaching.

This profession is for motivated and hard-working people. Cooperation with foreign companies, colleagues foreigners, travelling around expand the world view, provide the possibility to see the world, learn the customs, lifestyles and national peculiarities of other nations. In addition, the international economist is one of the highest paid positions.

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