Educational and Scientific Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies

Educational institute Master training and postgraduate education (the Institute) is part of the University of Economics and Law "KROK". The Institute was created in 2007 at the faculty of the same name who worked at the University since 1999. The Institute provides education in the direction of Management, Economics and Business, "" Specific categories. 
The Institute actively collaborates with government and financial institutions:

  • Under an agreement with National Bank of Ukraine shall:
    • cashiers trained experts of foreign currencies and traveler's checks;
    • training in dealing with transactions in the currency markets;
  • Under the agreement with Kyiv city employment center - training (competencies) unoccupiedspeaking population;
  • Under the agreement with the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources Project titling of land ownership in rural areas and developing inventories (World Bank Loan) - Training for employees of state bodies of land resourcesOfficers, executive council and local government;
  • Agreement with the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market training:
    • on securities trading;
    • organization of securities trading;
    • keeping the register of securities holders;
    • Asset Management;
    • on financial monitoring.
  • Under an agreement with the Council of Productive Forces of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:
    • joint development of the state budget, hozdogovornyh research on order of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, other interested ministries and departments, Institutions and organizations on economic and social development of Ukraine - on trading securities;
    • holding conferences, seminars, symposiumsAnd preparation of scientifically based approaches to solving economic and social problems in the state;
    • examination of research, review papers, monographs, manuals;
    • assist in training the field: "Management of innovation projects", "Administrative Management, Project Management, Business Economics.
    • Collaboration with "Regula" training people working with cash currency on the definition of signs of authenticity of banknotes and of paying foreign countries and traveler's checks.

The Institute's four departments:

Chairs provide research and training activities at the Institute, have modern logistics.
Total teaching staff 87 people. Among them are doctors, professors - 16, Ph.D., associate professors - 59, practitioners - 12 staff - 37, under combining 50.

Olga V. Rossoshanska

PhD in Economics, docent, Acting Director of the Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies of “KROK” University, assistant to the rector on distance education.

Office 234-2
Tel.: +38 (044) 450-71-39; 
+38 (044) 455-69-79 (internal 127)
E-mail: OlgaR[at] 

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