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Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies

«KROK» University – is an experience, prestige and professionalism in the field of education. We offer – Second Higher Education, Courses, Master Programs, МВА Programs and Preparation for admission to graduate programs with European universities. Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies – this is your chance to discover new horizons for yourself and embark on a new phase of your development. 

This year «KROK» University celebrates 25st anniversary. We are rightly considered to be the adult HEI with unique programs, eventful life and traditions. Today «KROK» University  – is a powerful educational corporation with a clear structure and direction. 

Our motto is:

To create and implement programs that will be interesting, and, what is principal, useful to our students and trainees. We try to provide them with a set of educational services that best meets their needs. 

Our advantages:

– Unique educational programs
– A wide range of educational services
– Experienced teaching staff
– Serious financial base

 Our Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies was formed in 2001, in the period of its formation it was conceived as an Institution of continuous and permanent education for adults. It’s non-stop training for those who has already got a degree, and are seeking for retraining and improvement of their professional skills. 

At present the Institute offers 14 specialties, including 7 majors of “Specialist” Degree (Second Higher Education with study duration of 2,5 years). 

Second Higher Education. Majors:

– Finance and Credit
– Accounting and Audit
– International Economics
– Foreign Economic Activity Management
– Enterprise Economics
– Marketing

Interfield Master Degree Programs:

– Administrative Management
– Higher Education Pedagogy
– Quality, Standardization and Certification
– Educational Institution Management
– Innovational Activity Management
– Project Management

It is important to know that in order to study on these Master Programs one should obtain Bachelor or Specialist Degree in any field of study (engineering sciences, medicine or any other), since they are universal and do not require special basic training. 

Our main peculiarity – is «Business Administration» (МBA) Program, which prepares Masters in following Majors: 

– Business Projects and Processes Management
– Information Management
– others

«Business Administration» (МBА) Program of «KROK» University has successfully been adapted to the market conditions in Ukraine. The program incorporated the best experience of American Business Schools. An important advantage is the high professional level of lecturers. Each one has practical experience in business. This made it possible to create a program of unique content, which compares favorably with those available on the MBA Programs market today.