Change Management

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1. The need for and the process of change management in the organization.

Practical work:

  • determination of the need for changes in the Organization (problem – object – the aim - tasks).
  • comparative analysis of alternative models of change management: selection of optimum model in the context of a specific problem.

2. Resistance to change. How to help an employee with optimism say goodbye to the past and move into the future?

  • Practical work: an analysis of the model of Force field on the example of a problem (or proposed for the study) of the company

3. Modeling stages and works for carrying out changes in the organization.

  • Practical work: development of the action plan for introducing the changes proposed by the teams

4. Management technology in the process of change.

  • Practical work: development of the model of competencies of Change Manager.
  • Teambuilding for Change introducing: distribution of roles and functions.
  • The choice of team leader for change process based on psychotypes.
  • Developing technology of solution to the conflict under managing changes.

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