Marketing Management

2800 uah


1. Marketing in the XXI century, marketing strategy and planning. Holistic marketing concept.

  • Practical work: Customer value. Customer-driven marketing. Building marketing strategy.

2. Creating long-term loyalty relationships. Analysis of markets and consumers.

  • Practical work: Technological and ethical forces affecting changes in consumer behavior. Mental accounting in consumer behavior. Demand on business markets.

3. Creating brand equity. Positioning. Competitive dynamics.

  • Practical work: Pros and cons of brand extension. Structured and unstructured positioning models. Marketing in economic downturn.

4. Developing product and pricing strategies and programs.

  • Practical work: Product differentiation. Pricing perception and pricing strategies. Service marketing.

5. Designing and managing integrated marketing channels.

  • Practical work: Analyzing retailers’ channel integration. E-commerce.

6. Designing and managing integrated marketing communications.

  • Practical work: Communications audit. Effectiveness of point-of-purchase advertising.

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