Project Management

2800 uah


1. Project management approach: terminology. Standardization and certification in project management. Classification of projects. Characteristics of projects. Restrictions and approval of the project. Project participants. The objectives of the project life cycle of the project, its phases. Processes in the project.

  • Practical work: Determination of the project, its classification. Identification of project participants, defining the objectives of the project, the project life cycle.

2. Planning project scope. Product project requirements. WBS of project, construction principles. Human Resource Management in Project. OBS of project, responsibility matrix.

  • Practical work: Planning of project product structure and structure of the objectives of the project. Formation of the structure of the project team and responsibility matrix.

3. Network planning methods. Definition of duration of the project - the processes, information tools.

  • Practical work: Development of the network schedule of the project, determine the duration of the project.

4. Budgeting of project. Methods of budget planning. The completion of the project. Control project tools.

  • Practical work: Determination of the project budget. Results of team work.

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