Strategic Management

2800 uah


1. The strategic pyramid of the company: mission as your guide to match the multilevel strategies of the company

  • Practical work: objectives and system of balanced scorecard (BSC), providing conformity with the goals and indicators, the decomposition of the strategic objectives to operational level.

2. Approaches to strategic management. Competitive strategy; investments strategy; growth strategy; diversification strategy; offensive and defensive strategies

  • Practical work: Algorithm of strategy formulation: determining the market position, principles and values of business behavior, the prospects of business development, strategic plan, unique techniques and competitive advantage.

3. Analysis of company’s external and internal environment

  • Practical work: the use of matrices "strengths/weaknesses; Opportunities/Threats, SWOT-analysis; growth/share "commodity portfolio of company; attractiveness/position for a reasonable choice of strategy>

4. Implementation of the strategy. The launch of the strategy. Zones and type of conducting strategic changes. The completion of the implementation of the strategy and its evaluation....

  • Practical work: Analysis of plans, programs and projects. The development of measures to overcome the resistance to strategic change.

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