Mini MBA

From year to year interest in mini-MBA programs is growing in Ukraine.

   Our mini-MBA course is designed specifically for intensive training of senior and middle managers on fundamental business disciplines, including: strategic, project and risk management, finance, marketing, business planning, quality management, sales and personal effectiveness. 

   It's not a secret that getting an MBA diploma (Master of Business Administration) in the realities of modern Ukraine for most of people is still only a dream. Firstly, because of the high cost - up to 20 thousand dollars and above, depending on the level and popularity of a business school, secondly, the duration - 2 years of training. Conditions for admission also are extremely tough - you need to undergo through a difficult test, and need to have a high enough level of English to write an essay. Interest in short-term programs is explained by their accessibility - the conditions of admission are simplified, the presence of real managerial experience upon admission is not required. At the same time if you want to start MBA program, your work experience in a managerial position should be at least 3 years.

   The need for quality management of all business units is becoming more acute day by day and more and more of its representatives are aware of the need to improve their professionalism.

What are the benefits of such a program?

   In just 3 months you will receive not only an attestation or certificate of professional development, but first of all - self-confidence as a leader. The course will help to improve competence in almost all aspects of managing various aspects of your business, and thus - to become more mobile in decision-making. Such a program is very convenient and practical with a tight work schedule. For training we involve teachers and practitioners with extensive experience in their field have an international certificate business coach.

   In our program, the study hours are almost 5 times less than in the traditional MBA - the duration of the course is 104 hours and, therefore, a foreign internship is not expected. In addition to obvious time savings, the short-term program also has significant financial advantages - also, on average, its cost is 5 times lower than the programs of traditional MBA in domestic business schools.

   In any case, after passing courses on our mini-MBA program, the development of a successful career as a project manager or manager is more than guaranteed. The acquired knowledge can become an essential foundation for continuing MBA studies both in Ukraine and abroad, moreover our course is conducted in English.

Advantages of our mini-MBA course

  • minimum period of study – 3 months;
  • low price - in comparison with classical MBA schools;
  • intensity and practical focus of training;
  • systematization of knowledge on management of various business units;
  • adaptation of the program to the business realities of modern Ukraine.

   A significant part of the training time you will have to work, performing practical assignments and analyzing real business situations. And this means that you cannot do without such qualities as a high level of motivation, self-discipline, responsibility, skills of information retrieval, analytical skills. Thus, our mini-MBA course will not only provide you with a complex of knowledge, but will also help psychologically to become a successful leader.

Price for 1 module: 2 800 UAH
Terms and conditions for corporate clients training are discussed on individual basis
Classes are  on Saturdays:  10:00  – 18:00

We are waiting for you on the course "Mini-MBA in English" in the hospitable classrooms of KROK University!

Our business-trainers


Olena Danchenko

Doctor of technical sciences, associate professor, has the international certificate of project manager IPMA and SIC-MBA diploma, business coach, business consultant. Work experience in projects - 15 years, experience of scientific and educational work - 20 years. Participation in projects, consulting and training in business on project, process management, business process reengineering and risk management. Author of over 150 scientific and methodological publications, including monographs and textbooks. Head of the department of business administration and project management at the University of Economics and Law "KROK".



Irina Petrova

Doctor of Economic sciences, Professor, Head of Marketing and Behavioral Economics Chair. Consulting and training on strategic management, change management, human resource management for leading ukrainian companies. The author of more than 150 scientific and methodical works including monographies, manuals, methodic recomendations.



Olena Belova

Ph.D., deputy head of department of business administration and project management, senior lecture

Scientific use: more than 100 scientific and methodological issues

Research interests: motivational mechanism of strategic management



Nina Ilarionova

MBA, PhD, Associate Professor. Teaching experience 19 years. Used to conduct consulting in marketing issues. Currently studies behavior of international companies on micro-level, effect of information technologies on marketing activity of companies. Author of more than 40 scientific and methodological publications including two manuals in Enghish.


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