Major "Corporate Social Responsibility"

1. Qualification 1475.4 Manager (Superior) of Administrative Activities;

2. Qualification 1496 Manager (Superior) of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Program mission: training highly qualified management personnel mastering innovative thinking, necessary knowledge and skills for administrative management implementation.

Form of Training:


Path-time (modular)

Term of Training:

1 year 6 months

Training Fee:

12 100 UAH/semester

Schedule of Main Classes:

Tuesday 18.55-21.25
Thursday 18.55-21.25
Saturday 9.00-15.00

According to the schedule: three days per month (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
or every Sunday

Start of Training:






Program graduates receive a Master's degree in Government-issued assigning two qualifications: "The manager (manager) of administrative action" and "Manager (manager) and corporate social responsibility."

Program Peculiarities: The program aims to develop practical organizational skills in managerial activities related to administrative, organizational, expert, project areas. The program is implemented in cooperation with the Centre "Corporate Social Responsibility Development".  

Graduates of the program will acquire necessary competences for implementation of the qualification requirements to the manager of corporate social responsibility, namely, will be aware of:

  • Conceptual framework of corporate social responsibility;
  • Contents of the UN Global Compact;
  • Place of corporate social responsibility in the system of organization management;
  • Principles of fair competition, company ethical behaviour regarding its partners and socially responsible marketing, etc.

Will be able to:

  • identify, analyze and rank expectations of the interested organization parties from the perspective of corporate social responsibility concept;
  • apply basic principles of ethical decision-making;
  • develop ethical codes for organizations and experts in various fields;
  • develop and implement social audit procedures;
  • analyze non-financial risks related to the organizations functioning and develop measures of their prevention or reduction etc.

List of main content program modules: corporate social responsibility, non-financial reporting and auditing of social responsibility, socially responsible marketing and CSR communication system, administrative management, personnel management, administrative law, psychology management, organizational behaviour, decision-making methods, strategic management , conflict management, system analysis, information systems and technologies in administrative management, consulting management fundamentals, corporate governance.

Future managers undergo practical business communication and correspondence, organizational practices at the enterprises that have joined the Global Network for Corporate Social Responsibility.