National Master’s Program "Business Administration"  was first developed by PhD, Professor Valery I. Polshakov and was opened at the “KROK” University in 2006. The experience of the best U.S. business schools provides the basis of the program, and at the same time it was the most adapted to the conditions of the current Ukrainian, market.

The present-day program includes both recent experience of leading European business schools and business environment in Ukraine. More than 100 graduates have successfully completed the program and today they are occupying the leading positions in large companies and banks.

Choose major if you: 

  • have aspirations to get clear competitive advantages in the labour market;
  • are targeted at rapid career development in their chosen field;
  • are looking for a new direction in career development;
  • intend to buy working business tools in order to become a business owner.

Form of training


Path-time (modular)

Term of Training

2 years (1 year 6 month for those who have

Higher Education in Economics or Management)

Education Fee

27 500 UAH/semester

Main Classes Schedule


9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Three days a month

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Start of Admission Campaign

July 2016

July 2016




Program graduates receive a Master's Degree Standard Diploma in both Business Administration and appropriate major. Graduates can also get an International Diploma “Master of Business Administration” in the frameworks of "Double Degree" Program. 

Program lecturers are the leading experts on project management, quality management, business modelling, business processes reengineering, creative management as well as the representatives of the world's leading scientific schools and certified practitioners-consultants. 

Graduates will acquire methods and tools of: 

  • systematic approach
  • process-structural approach
  • situational approach
  • strategic management
  • project managemen  

Graduates work in such well-known leading companies in Ukraine as: JSC “Astelit”, enterprise with foreign investment, “AZ Trading KO” (trademark «VTO Lux»), “FOZZY” Ltd, JSC “Kyivstar GSM”, JSC “UMC”, PE “DentStudio”, etc. 

Admission Requirements: 

  • Higher Education (Specialist, Master Degree) in any major or field of study, confirmed by the State Certificate;
  • Not less than 2 years of practical work experience;
  • Competitive selection. 

Qualification (Master of Business Administration) makes it possible to perform the work of middle manager and, no doubts, the work of top manager. This is one of the most renowned qualifications in Business Management. Diploma confirms the fact that its owner possesses a necessary knowledge for business dealing and that one has a key managerial competencies. 

Professional activities of Masters in Business Administration relates to: 

  • preparing and making strategic decisions within his/her competence;
  • managing the company in general and its structural departments;
  • providing management functions by implementing mainly heuristic, analytical and coordinative management operations;
  • managing subordinates. 

To be always and in everything at best is an important distinctive feature of businessman.  

The Program “Business Administration” – new possibilities in your life!