Master Degree Program “Higher Education Pedagogy”


Mission of the program: formation of a new generation of lecturers on the basis of comparative pedagogy mastering, active teaching methods and techniques application for successful teaching in HEIs.

Form of Training:



Term of Training:

Training Fee:

1 year 6 months

4500 UAH/ semester

1 year 6 months

4500 UAH/ semester

Schedule of Main Classes:

Saturday 9.00-15.00

Tuesday, Thursday 18.55-21.25; Saturday 9.00-15.00

Start of Training:



Taking into account the tendencies of business development in Ukraine, Business School «KROK» offers several MBA majors: 

Program Peculiarities:

  • studying special interactive ways that enhance students` learning activities;
  • mastering innovative technologies;
  • organizing educational process;
  • learning specificity of module, rating, distance, design and information technologies application in higher education system.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Previous education: Complete (Master, Specialist) or Basic (Bachelor)
  2. Not less than 2 years of pedagogical working experience, confirmed by an extract from employment record or copy of employment record, certified by employer
  3. Medical certificate of completion of compulsory preliminary and periodic psychiatric examinations (form № 122-2/o)
  4. Competitive selection

Program graduates receive Master's Degree Standard Diploma majoring in "Universities and Higher Education Institutions Lecturer".