"Finance and Credit" Major

Majoring in "Finance and Credit" students master the subjects that form the basis of their future professional activities, in particular, Macro-and Microeconomics, Mathematics, Statistics, General Theory of Finance (Money and Crediting, Corporate Finance), Economic Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Services Market, Tax System Enterprise Financial Activity, Foreign Countries Finance , Portfolio Analysis, Economic Risk, Stock Market and Securities.

Activity sphere is related to financial flows planning and management. The main task is financial flows planning and regulating, also control maintaining of material resources application.

Study duration: 2,5 years
Mode of study: Full-time
Tuition Fee: 6000 UAH/semester

In recent years financier profession became one of the most prestigious and respectively highly qualified specialists are required by governmental, commercial, banking institutions, consumer organizations and agencies, tax services, investment and insurance companies.

Financier field is about financial flows planning and management. Its main task is to plan where to invest, whom, from whom and how much to borrow, which materials to buy, which stocks to buy and how to sell them gaining the most profit. Financier specialist can occupy the financial economist post, managerial positions at financial, economic planning, foreign economic and marketing departments, commercial organizations, joint-stock companies, investment funds and companies, commercial banks, state commissions on securities and stock markets, occupy leading expert post at insurance trusts.

Those who chose the financier profession should be aware that it requires strategic thinking, attentiveness, mathematical mindset, persistence, diligence and perseverance. Financier should be able to manage the funds efficiently, define taxes correctly, act in the financial markets and protect savings from inflation.

Another area, where the graduates of “Finance and Credit” major can realize themselves is banking. Bank employee of any section must know how bank operates. This envisages the understanding of resources relocation process, financial services industry creation with focus on the clients` interests, credit accommodation activity, business plans and business enterprises evaluation; making decisions on where to invest, revenue forecasting, marketing activities implementation - financial services developing and forecasting. The ability to seek financial resources in the world market and to attract them to Ukraine is rather important skill as well. Today banks have quite branched activities that requires the need for skilled specialists who possess high level of present knowledge and skills. That is why the University focuses not only on teaching of the necessary disciplines, but also gaining the necessary experience as University cooperation with leading banking institutions of Ukraine allows the students to go through different types of professional internship.

Students study the following disciplines: Business Banking, Banking Transactions, Accounting and Audit within Bank, Information Systems and Technologies within Banking Sector, National Bank of Ukraine and Monetary Policy, Bank Management, Monetary System, Bank Marketing, Bank Supervision.

Standard Diploma in “Finance and Credit” allows the graduates to apply for various intrabank positions. Financial Departments Manager within Financial Banking Units who fulfills the operations on Monetary Resources Relocation over Credits, Securities, Foreign Exchange, Real Estate, Credit Transactions Expert within International Currency Payments and Commercial Banks, Monetary Subdivisions Expert at National Bank of Ukraine, Commercial Banks, Subsidiaries and Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in Ukraine.

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