"Foreign Economic Activity Management" Major

Nowadays when the level of openness of the Ukrainian economy (the ratio of export-import turnover to its gross domestic product) is relatively high, the country's foreign economic activity is a factor of its economic development. The job of Foreign Economic Activities Manager is directed to the most optimal openness index. Currently, there is an urgent need for qualified managers at various levels, especially it relates to the specialists in the field of international affairs. In fact a lot of Ukrainian enterprises maintain business relations with foreign partners and have special departments in their structure that are in charge of international cooperation and company's products promotion in the global market. Such specialists are required by joint ventures, companies with foreign investments, enterprises that introduce their products to foreign markets, multinational corporations.

Scope of activity - joint ventures, companies with foreign investment, enterprises which enter with their products into foreign markets, multinational corporations. Main responsibilities - development and maintenance of business relations with foreign partners, control of international cooperation and promotion of the company's products on the global market.

Study duration: 2,5 years
Mode of study: part-time
Tuition Fee: 6000 UAH/semester

A specialist in foreign economic activity is relevant not only for the modern world, but it will remain popular and in demand in the future because Ukraine will always have business cooperation with other countries.

Manager, who carries out foreign economic activity is not only the leader, who makes decisions on economic development of the enterprise – he/she must be proficient in many aspects of international relations, find ways to entering the foreign market and maintain long-term business relations with foreign partners.

Manager needs to know the specific character of different elements of the organization functioning, skillfully conduct personnel policy, understand the psychology and national peculiarities of the people of the country he/she cooperates with. Manager should speak at least one foreign language fluently and, in particular, be aware of the professional terminology, use management methods, be able to determine the behavior and style of business relationships with both external partners and those inside of the company. The company's image largely depends on the manager.

Those who choose "Management", field of study: "Foreign Economic Activity Management" should possess such qualities as activity, persistence, diligence, initiative, have organizational skills, tendency to lead, be responsible and not to be afraid of making important decisions.

Mastering the specialty, students study Humanitarian disciplines, such as History of Ukraine, Philosophy, Religion Studies, Foreign Language, Political Science, Sociology, etc. as well as Economic and Managerial disciplines, including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Statistics, International Economics, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Decision-Making Methods, Foreign Economic Activity Management, International Economic Law, International Management, Information Technologies in International Management and others.

FEA students have the possibility to devote the whole semester to practical training by participation in the "KROK-practitioner" program. No other institution offers such continuous practice for future managers. Students acquire practical skills in state institutions and organizations - Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industrial Policy, Trade and Industry of Ukraine, etc., on private enterprises, foreign trade departments of large companies and others.

The graduates of this field can occupy the positions of managers or leading experts of enterprise departments (organizations and companies) of external scope, managers or specialists of import-export departments of governmental institutions, experts and consultants of joint ventures or companies involved in the export-import operations, economists and researchers of the scientific and research institutes and laboratories of opportunistic market analysis and forecasting.

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