TOP-10 books for entrance test on specialization "Administrative Management"

Especially for you we have identified 10 most useful books for entrance test for higher education master's degree in "Management" (specialization "Administrative Management").

1. Bai S.I. Analysis of business situations. Collection of Case Studies.
2. B. Budzan. Management in Ukraine: Present and Future.
3. Grifin R. Yatsura B. Principles of Management.
4. Bean V.I. Management of Organizations.
5. Daft R.L. Management.
6. Drucker P.F. Encyclopedia of Management.
7. Ivanov I.V. Management of the Company: Workshop.
8. Karpenko S.V. Fundamentals of Modern Management: MBA & IT Concept.
9. Kovalenko I.N. The Art and Science of Manager’s Authority.
10. Lembert T. Manager’s Key Problems. 50 Proven Ways to Solve It.

Good luck in preparation!