Managerial Technologies Department

General information

           Managerial Technologies Department is cessionary of Education Management Department, which was established in September 2000. The Department initially conducted training in two Master Programs of “Educational Institution Management” and "Higher Education Pedagogy" of "Specific Categories" major, and later the training of specialists under Master Programs of "Innovation Activity Management" and "Quality, Standardization and Certification" has started.

Department lecturers have the necessary range of professional competencies in the field of new technologies of management and administration in different fields and spheres of economic activity. The department has five PhDs, Professors who are leading scholars in their field and are part of the working committees on development of National projects and programs. The basic principle of Department Master Programs implementation is a harmonious combination of theory and practice. Therefore, the qualified specialists-practitioners are involved in the teaching process of profession-oriented courses on these Programs. The department is part of the Educational and Scientific Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies of "KROK" University.

Total number of the Department teaching staff - 24 lecturers (including 5 - Professors, 9 - PhDs of Technical and Economic Sciences, Associate professors, 4 - Senior Lecturers).

Programs at the Department

The Department provides training in the following Master Programs:


  Scientific activity

           Lecturers of Managerial Technologies Department perform the scientific research in the field of development and implementation of organizational innovations in various fields of Economics. Scientific and expert work of the Department is to develop methodologies to assess the effectiveness of innovational projects of different levels and implementation of international experience in the development and implementation of technical regulations of the European Union.

According to the research in 2013 Department lecturers published 36 scientific articles in professional journals of HAC of Ukraine and international journals, 4 collective monograph were published. Lecturers of the Department participated in 26 international and All-Ukrainian conferences. The results of research introduced in the educational process by publications of 6 manuals in 2012-2013.