• On March 26, the University "KROK" was an annual professional barcamp «BUSINESS MASTER camp»

    The main theme of this year's draft - "Crisis - Time for new opportunities." Master's programs leading teachers of specific categories of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies of the University "KROK", as well as business - Business coaches - school "KROK" project participants passed it

  • Business Master camp

    «Business Master camp» - educational project, which includes the professional specialized classes for two target audiences: professionals , managers, senior and middle level; senior students; The main theme of the event this year: "The crisis - a time for new opportunities" As part of the leading Ukrainia

  • Відкриття Центру міжнародної до магістерської підготовки

    12 грудня 2013, 19:00 в Університеті «КРОК» відбудеться відкриття Центру міжнародної домагістерской підготовки, створеного з метою підготовки випускників українських ВНЗ для продовження навчання на економічних магістерських програмах європейських університетів. У рамках відкриття Центру обговорюватимуться: програми пі

  • MBA Business School KROK Programs Presentation

    Mid-level managers (Heads of Structural Subdivisions, Heads of Departments, Functional Managers), small business owners and people who are interested to know more about MBA «from the front row» are welcomed!  If you: are targeted at rapid development of career in the chosen field;want to master modern business

  • Conference on the topic “Ukraine – Business Partner”

    18.09. 2013, 18:30 – 21:30 conference on the topic “Ukraine – Business Partner” will take place at “KROK” University.  18:30 Registration of the participants (hall of “KROK” University) 19:00  Welcome speech and introductions        19:10 «International Economic Integration of Uk

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