Training and preparation of IELTS test

Test IELTS (International English Language Testing System) — one of the types of international English exams . The result of test taking confirming proficiency in English for teaching, professional activities and communication in everyday life at a high level. IELTS - the only exam, the results of which are recognized worldwide. Testing of IELTS will be required for those who choose to migrate to learn, practice, study or work in Canada, Australia, UK and other English speaking countries.

IELTS test results are accepted in 135 countries and more than 1.7 million people have successfully passed the exam. If you want to get an education abroad, passing the IELTS test will obovyazkovuyu condition in the preparation of the document layout.

The structure of the IELTS test consists of individual sections of test knowledge and skills of listening, reading, writing and spoken language . Reading and writing are two modules that differ in structure - it's academic (Academic) and overall (General) modules. The Academic module is designed to test candidates for admission to higher education. One of the tasks of the test is to determine whether the candidate can absorb educational material in English. The length of time to pass a test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The certificate of examination is two years.

The results of the test IELTS expressed on a scale from 1 to 9, where 1 - the candidate does not speak English , and 9 - language skills at expert level. The certificate is A4 and contains personal data of the owner, along with a photo.

Preparation for IELTS exam must begin with an introduction to the structure of the test and general information for applicants. To view and download the information you can follow this link to our website. After exploring the general characteristics of the IELTS test is necessary to know the minimum passing score for admission to the university. The next step is evaluation of existing knowledge and skills anhiyskoyi language. To pass the trial test and get the details, you can go to the website Cambridge English in preparation for the exam. With the test results , it is necessary to pass the required exams preparation according to the amount of material you need for a successful testing IELTS. Once you 're ready , you can easily apply for the examination. Examination of the academic module taken 4 times a month, and in general twice as often.

Center for International domahisterskoyi training trains candidates for test taking IELTS. Preparation for the exam begins with the selection of the university and the preliminary assessment of your level of language training. To achieve the required level of knowledge for you to be chosen course of training in English language and maintenance during registration and examinations.

Get a free consultation at the Centre for training or call (044) 455-56-90 (int. 113). Our manager will be happy to answer all your questions.


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