On March 26, the University "KROK" was an annual professional barcamp «BUSINESS MASTER camp»

The main theme of this year's draft - "Crisis - Time for new opportunities."

Master's programs leading teachers of specific categories of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies of the University "KROK", as well as business - Business coaches - school "KROK" project participants passed its unique expertise in management, administrative, strategic, project management, corporate social responsibility.

Project participants received the maximum current date information on business development in a changing business environment and learn about new opportunities for personal and professional growth during the crisis.

The usefulness and success of the project evidenced by the large number of positive reviews and ratings in the survey feedback. So, the quality of the event organization on average was estimated at 4.67 on a scale useful and informative workshops - 4.46, and presentation of information and interactivity speakers - 4.63. Participants wished barcamp conduct more such events.

The project was organized by the Institute of Masters training and postgraduate education at the University "KROK" Business School "KROK" and the project team «SPG».






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