The exhibition of educational opportunities for adults

May 29, 2014 at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies University " STEP " was an exhibition of educational opportunities for adults.

Exhibitors better acquainted with the Institute of Business and the School of STEP . Each guest had an excellent opportunity to pick up an application learning and training courses depending on their preferences and career trajectories. The visitors got a first hand detailed information on admission rules and conditions of entry have been able to personally talk with the leaders of educational programs and business representatives.

The highlight of the exhibition were workshops that are conducted by professionals in their fields Spherical Prudius Helen and Andrew.

Master class "How to build your brand? " Andrew Prudius gave students a convenient and easy tools to create a successful brand identity. Participants learned about the 12 personality archetypes and identified the most pressing one today.

As part of the master class Project management Elena Spherical acquainted listeners with modern proactive approach to risk management in projects aimed at preventing risk events and reduce their impact on the project objectives.

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