26th Battle Mashtabna Projects

24th March 2015 specifically for the project initiator, the authors ideas FAUNDER owners and exciting and groundbreaking projects STARTUP.UA organize another massive "Battle Projects" in Kiev. More than 10 experts Battles and about 100 guests, including owners and top managers of leading companies become judges Battle.
 The battle will take place in two stages:  

  • 21.03 to all future participants Battles, who want to present their project at the Battle submit an application to participate in the "Battle of the project." Only 15 projects can take part! 
  • 24.03 from 17.00 to 20.00, all participants Battles briefly present their projects (mini-presentations to 3 min.) Before Battle experts and receive evaluation and recommendations on projects. 

In the Battle of experts, the project will vote the guests. Battle winners will be 2 projects with the highest number of points into the presentation. One of them - a party battles that took 1st place in the polls of experts, and the second - took 1st place in the polls guests. 

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