The certified graduates under the new law "On Higher Education"

Between 26 to 28 March 2015 in the Institute of Master training and postgraduate education University of Economics and Law "Krok" carried attestation master's degree graduates, industry specific knowledge category, specialty 8.18010012 "Management of innovation". It was certified 13 full-time students and 22 part-time teaching students who have successfully completed graduate studies and made them tested at conferences and in professional journals. As a result of the protection of overall success was 100% and the quality of full-time students is 69% and 82% part-time. Attestation Commission noted the high level of practical significance and works full-time students such as Kochenko OM Kochenko KA and Musienko KS as well as external students - Bukharov VV Krutkova DE, Predrag IM and MV Shemelyak

Certification Commission Decision qualified graduates awarded "Professional of innovation." 

 GRADUATES is certified under the new law "On Higher Education"

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